Mother Nature has proven itself, time and time again, what she is capable of and the Storm Henry that hits the Isle of Mull of Scotland is yet another prove of her prowess. As the usually serene coastal region is being pounded by extreme weather, gale force winds hitting the southwest of the island forces the waterfalls to go back to where it came from: the top of the cliffs over Loch Scridain – effectively turning waterfalls into ‘waterups’. The nature’s wrath was caught in act in a short clip posted by Isle of Mull Cottages and the sight was extremely surreal.

The waterfall doubling back kind of reminds me of the movie Upside Down, where two worlds were actually upside down to each other; though there wasn’t any waterfall involved in the flick. According to The Guardian, no less than 28 flood warnings were issued by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and the Forth Road Bridge was subsequently closed when winds speed escalated to 84 miles an hour. March forth for the said video.

via Laughing Squid

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