ZTE’s 2nd-Generation Android Smart Projector Looks Suspiciously Like An Apple Mac mini and iMac Hybrid

We are seeing an age of a multi-function gadgets and the freshly announced ZTE Spro 2 Android Smart Projector is one of the many that we will be seeing in near future. The ZTE Spro 2 Android Smart Projector is, as the product name implies, an Android-powered projector. The first thing you will notice about […]

Samsung’s New Tizen-powered Smart TVs Has Quantum-dot Technology To Make UHD Even More Vivid

Even before dust for Ultra HD resolution TV has barely settled, South Korea’s forerunner in flat panel TV, Samsung, promised to make them even more compelling with its new line of smart TV called SUHD TV. We are going to assume the ’S’ here stands for ‘Super’, which is Samsung’s way of saying it is […]

Polaroid’s Dashcams Can Also Keep You From Straying From Your Lane

The name Polaroid used to be synonymous with instant photography, but that was decades ago. These days, Polaroid is the name for everything electronics, having covered UHDTV, action camera, tablets, and both regular cameras and instant digital cameras, the Minnesota-based company now wants to dabble in the dash cam market. I am sure we are […]

Lenovo Unveils Third-Generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon To Mark 100 Millionth ThinkPad

Can you imagine a company have sold 100 million units of a particular line of laptop? Well, we certainly can’t and that’s how many ThinkPad Lenovo has shipped, btw, which obviously calls for a celebration. To mark this occasion the Chinese PC maker is debuting the latest generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon, which is touted as […]

Samsung’s New Smart TVs in 2015 To Be Powered By Tizen

Unless you are a complete smart TV fanatic, this piece of news may come as a, well, non-news to you. In any case, this is what’s going to happen to Samsung smart TVs in 2015: all of them will be running a new platform built around the Tizen operating system. Yup. You heard that right. […]

LG To Debut World’s First 21:9 UltraWide Gaming Monitor with AMD Freesync At CES 2015

If you are a seriously hardcore PC gamer, chances are you have experienced a phenomena known as screen tearing when the monitor and graphics card becomes out-of-sync. Well, apparently, screen tearing will be a problem of the past if you have the LG 34UM67 21:9 UltraWide Gaming Monitor. Billed as the world’s first 21:9 UltraWide […]

After Making TV Curve, Samsung Wants You To Look At Ultra-wide Curve Computer Monitor Too

We accept the argument for the ‘need’ to have curved TV, but do we really need a display that is so close to our faces, like a computer monitor, to be ultra-wide and curved as well? Apparently, we do, because desk-bound folks also needs to experience the ultimate in immersive and comfortable viewing. Sammy will […]

Samsung Jumps On The 360-degree Audio Bandwagon With Proprietary ‘Ring Radiator’ Technology

Well, folks. It is time of the year again. The world’s biggest consumer electronic show, the International CES, is upon us again and not surprisingly, South Korean electronics juggernaut Samsung has a lot to show and among them are expanded lineup of the curved soundbar (first introduced last year) and new speaker systems that promised […]

Who Needs Valet Services When The Car Can Drop You Off and Park Itself?

In Tomorrow Never Dies, Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond character arrived at a multi-storey parking garage only to find the baddies were already buzzing around his BMW 750iL. He then whipped out his Ericsson mobile phone, double tap on the touchpad to fire up the 750iL. He proceeds to dispense clouds of smoke, throwing the bad […]

Vuzix V-720 Mobile Gaming Platform Takes Mobile Gaming Immersion and Privacy to the Next Level

What has a video eyewear and smart glasses maker has to do with mobile gaming? Probably nothing, but that’s until Vuzix comes along with the V-720 Mobile Gaming Platform. By the product’s name, it does not say quite as much, but this 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree is actually a high-end pair of video headphones […]