3D Robotics Introduces Custom Backpack for Quick Deployment of Solo Drone

When it comes to imaging drone, not many manufacturers would go around touting a complete experience and go to the length to fulfil it. In this respect, 3D Robotics is one of the rare breed that actually does that. Back in April, the outfit introduces its latest Solo drone with the promised of delivering best […]

3D Robotics’ New Solo Drone Can Fly Autonomously So You Can Focus on Camera Control

Imaging drone opens up to a world of possibilities (and kind of puts helicopter pilots out of job) in videography, allowing previously costly aerial shots to be made by almost anyone, but it does has its inherent problem: flying and taking good camera shots simply do not mix. Not that it can’t be done, but […]

3DR Iris Quadcopter UAV

the line between radio controlled aircraft and UAV (or drone) is being further blurred by new entrants such as the 3DR Iris Quadcopter UAV. actually, we are not sure if we should refer the Iris as a UAV or a radio control quadcopter, but one thing we are sure is that these things are a lot easier fly than it was a decade ago.