You Won’t Believe How Much The TCL 6 Series 4K HDR Roku TV Costs

We all know how expensive 4K TVs are, but thanks to brands like TCL, getting cutting edge TV no longer need not to be a bank breaker. The brand’s 6 Series 4K HDR Roku TVs is one good example. Granted, it may not be as flexible in entertainment because they are not Android TVs, but […]

LG Brings ThinQ Artificial Intelligence To Its 2018 Super UHD TV Lineup

The hottest, non-visible thing in 2018 will be artificial intelligence. Not only this potential sci-fi nightmare technology has made its way to smartphone, it now will make its presence felt in TVs too – all thanks to LG. LG has just announced the company’s 2018 TV lineup which will comes with ThinQ artificial intelligence technology […]

The Slow Mo Guys Explains How A TV Works With Super Slow Motion

OK. Before we proceed, we have some words of warning for you guys. Do not watch the video posted below if you are somewhat sensitive to flashing lights. Any kind of flashing lights. I am not going to lie, I felt nauseous when and after watching this particular video. So, you have been warned. Now, […]

Sony A8F 4K HDR TV Is Loaded With Tech, Uses Its Screen To Produce Audio

One thing that will never not appeared in a big electronic show like the CES is TV. There are abundance of them on the show floor at CES from companies big and small, but we are all ears for what Sony has to offer with its new A8F 4K HDR OLED TV with Acoustic Surface. […]

LG Unveiled Revolutionary Paper-like OLED TV That Rolls Into A Box At CES

If you are old enough, you may be able to recall that in the early days of CRT TVs, some of them came with integrated cabinet that has functional doors (either swing or sliding type). I am not entirely sure what was the rationale behind this TV-in-cabinet (specifically, those with doors), but my best guesses […]

Vizio SmartCast P-Series Ditches Remote In Favor Of Android Tablet

When Smart TV, aka connected TV, was introduced it changes the way we watch TV and in a way, took a stab at paid cable TV providers. We are no longer bound to free-to-air TV and subject to cable TV’s schedule which often do not fit our lifestyle. It was a new found freedom. A […]

LG Unveils IoT Hub, K Series Handset and Eye-watering HDR 4K TV

We try to avoid CES every year. Why? Because, a show like this never fail to remind us that we have to work triple hard to own all the delightful gadgets and as you might have guess it, LG is one of the biggest “culprit” that would make us exclaim ‘this is why we are […]

Sony Unveils A Host Of New Products At CES, Including 4K HDR TVs

This year’s CES, like many before it, is pretty much Sony’s playground. The Japanese electronics giant has taken to the world’s biggest electronic show to unveil a host of electronics that we can only take it as a hint to tell you to work harder and save up quick before these fabulous gadgets hit the […]

Sceptre Introduces New 55-inch UHD TV with SRS TruSurround HD Sound and Super Thin Bezel

Budget-conscious gadget lovers must be drooling all over the new current flood of UHD TVs. While nice, the current horde of big screen, eye-watering resolution television sets are anything but affordable. And seriously, not everyone needs a 105-inch variety, much less one that spans 8 meters across. This is where California-based TV maker Sceptre comes […]