HiSense 70-inch L5 Self-rising Laser TV

Before we proceed, can we just say that laser TV is a projector and not quite a TV? In any case, laser TV is what HiSense is calling these TV-meet-projector hybrid and it appears that HiSense is placing their bets on it.

Laser TV is essentially ultra short throw laser projector which is, of course, not new. The key differences between laser TV and laser projector are, laser TV has built-in tuner and it has smart platform built into it.

Oh, also, laser TV has a screen. I guess you could call the screen the projection screen? You know, those manual pull-up or pull-down projection screen? Yeah those. However, the screen that comes with every HiSense Laser TV is no ordinary white nylon sheet; it is an ambient light rejecting screen that enables accurate color reproduction while not being affected by ambient lighting.

HiSense 70-inch L5 Self-rising Laser TV

Speaking of pull-up or pull-down screen, the HiSense 70-inch L5 Self-raising Laser TV is something of sort in that the screen is hidden away in the projection box until you need it. But your intervention is not required. When you turn on the TV, the screen will automatically deploy, albeit at a patience-testing speed.

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Other notable details include 100-inch image, built-in dbx-tv speakers, 2,600 lumens of brightness, and Android TV platform.

HiSense 70-inch L5 Self-raising Laser TV is expected to land in stateside in April 2020 for $5,999. Not sure about other markets, though.

HiSense 70-inch L5 Self-rising Laser TV

Images: Weibo (@海信).