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Roku TV

unlike the Apple TV, the Roku TV is really a TV and not just a little black box. billed as the new generation of Smart TVs, the Roku plans to grow it (the TV) by licensing the “new reference design platform and software stack to manufacturers to build and distribute Roku TV models.” just think of Roku as the Android of TV where the various makers will turn out Roku-powered TV, which will be collectively known as, well, Roku TV. the first of the Roku TVs will be offered by TCL and Hisense, and they were recently highlighted at Pepcom’s Digital Experience media event during the 2014 International CES. Continue reading Roku TV

HiSense WHDI adapter streams HD content wirelessly

HiSense WHDI Adapter 544x388px
(credit: HiSense) HiSense WHDI Adapter | US$tbc | www.hisense.com

at the recent Global Sources Electronics & Components World Expo, China-based HiSense showcased its new Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) adapter. we have seen similar WHDI in the works recently such as the DIY streaming from iPad 2 and the Moov case but this HiSense item is set to be a complete solution that wirelessly mirror HD content from your laptops or iPhones to your HDTV. Continue reading HiSense WHDI adapter streams HD content wirelessly