HiSense L5 Self-Rising Laser TV Is Essentially An Ultra Throw Projector With Deployable Screen

Before we proceed, can we just say that laser TV is a projector and not quite a TV? In any case, laser TV is what HiSense is calling these TV-meet-projector hybrid and it appears that HiSense is placing their bets on it.

This Is The World’s First Color E-Ink “Reading Mobile Phone” And Yes, It’s An Android Phone

What are the odds of a person who wants to buy a smartphone just for reading stuff? I’d say it is very low. Low or not, HiSense is already selling e-ink Android phone. In fact, it has not one but two e-ink Android phones which will soon be join by the world’s first color e-ink […]

HiSense Made Social TV A Thing, Want To Use TV To See How You Stack Up Against A Pop Star

I will be truly surprise if this is little talk about new product news. We are talking about the new HiSense 55-inch Social TV S7E. So, yeah, it is TV, but at the same time, it is not just any TV. It is a ‘social TV’ that lets you do six-party video chat, cinema sharing, […]