Airdog Takes The Next-Gen Handsfree Camera Drone To Kickstarter

AirDog, the pioneer of digital leash drone, is back with a second auto-follow camera drone called Airdog ADII. This backpack-able drone (granted, you will need a full-size backpack for it) features an advanced intelligent tracking technology that adapts to the terrain that it is flying over. So, there’s no worry that your cycling adventure may […]

AirDog Is Your Personal Aerial Cameraman That Follows Wherever You Go

action sports inexpensively and by virtually anyone, with or without flying experience, but what’s the fun of capturing others in action when you could be in the action and be captured in film? well, that’s precisely what a Palo Alto-based startup AirDog wants you to do with the AirDog Auto-follow Action Sports Drone and that’s […]