Mark Rober Created The Most Courteous Car Honk Ever

If a car can talk, the horn would be its voice and the only vocabulary it ever knew was ‘honk’ which, as most car drivers can agree on, is not exactly the most pleasant sound. There’s no emotion to it. You can’t really tell if it is a friendly honk or otherwise. The best way […]

MINI Wants You Camp With MINI Countryman With This Roof Tent

Does the new MINI Countryman inspired you to hit up the great outdoors? If yes, then you should know, it is probably best not to have this little guy have a trailer in tow. Why? I don’t know? Maybe because it is not a Land Rover or Jeep? Or maybe because hooking up a few […]

MINI John Cooker Works Will Turn A MINI Drop Top Into A Mobile Cook Top

Nothing can be taken seriously on April 1st. Really. Our inbox is flooded with intriguing products released on this day, but being April 1st, most of these ‘products’ are obviously not real; they are businesses out to prank us in the name of April Fools Day. Though so. We see the beauty some of these […]

Ztylus Stinger Is An In-car USB Charger That Could One Day Save Your Life

You need to charge your mobile devices quickly when shuttering between point A and point B, and you also need to be prepared for unfortunate emergency situations where, you know, you are compelled to break the car window to get out, or perhaps, even cutting the seatbelt to free yourself. I know, today, to most […]

This Full Bodykit Wants To Give Your Porsche The Iconic Slant-Nose Look

Today’s Porsche is no doubt more polished, and sleeker than it was in the 70s, but while so, we never forget why we fell in love with the German marque in the first place. If you are old enough to know, you will recall the iconic slant nose design Porsche adopted during the 70s motor […]

The Stowaway Puts Storable Roof Rack On Your Car For Just $50

Thanks to the Internet, you don’t need spend a whole lot just to be able to carry more in a car. In the past, to carry more, you either have to upsize your ride or you could install a roof rack which could cost hundreds of dollars. Well, with The Stowaway Roof Rack you don’t […]

Here’s Why The Iconic Rolls-Royce Hood Ornament Never Got Stolen

A handful of automobiles sport hood ornament. Mercedes-Benz once had those and so did Jaguar and few others, but not many have them anymore, likely because an object at tip of the hood is a target of mischief. However, for Rolls-Royce, the Spirit of Ecstasy has remained a design fixture in every vehicle the British […]

Darth Vader USB Car Charger: Luke, Your Father Is Now A Charging Device

What happens when the Death Star is blown to bits? Well, anyone that survives will be out of job and the same goes to Darth Vader – if he didn’t die. In fact, not only did he not die, he managed to find himself in more useful situations, such as help make bread crispy toasty, […]

Parallel Parking Will be Literally Parallel With These Omni Wheels

The car of the future will likely have spherical wheels which are omnidirectional like what Goodyear has envisioned. That’s the future for sure. However, mankind is not going to sit around and wait for it to happen in the future; in fact, some folks have been working on omnidirectional wheels for a years now and […]

World’s Most Expensive Tires From Z Tyre Cost A Whopping $600,000

Tires are expendables. They get worn and need to be replaced with a new set and hence, it is hard to imagine anyone, or any establishment would consider giving this rubber compound a bling. Then again, sometimes what people and/or company thinks defy logic or sensible considerations and the same goes to the person who […]