Be in the know if your car is a target of theft while also recording your journey when driving with the Garmin Dash Cam Live. The Garmin Dash Cam Live is a premium always-on, always-connected LTE dash cam with built-in GPS that, with a subscription plan, lets you access the on-demand view of everything within the field of view of the Dash Cam Live, as well as features like location tracking, theft alerts, and parking guard notifications.

Garmin Dash Cam Live Always-connected LTE Dash Cam

With the US$9.99 a month membership, you’d also extend the storage duration of the video clips on Vault up to 30 days, as opposed to 24 hours. All these features are accessible using the Garmin Drive app. The device benefits from Garmin Clarity HDR optics for crisp detail day or night, recording 1440p video with a 140-degree field of view (FoV).

Since it is always on, it automatically records and saves videos of incidents, tagging the time, date, and location of the saved video. And because it is always connected, the footage is uploaded to Vault automatically and this means you will be able to share the saved videos whenever, wherever.

Garmin Dash Cam Live Always-connected LTE Dash Cam

The dash cam is also a great addition to not-so-modern cars as it also adds in-car alerts such as forward collision, lane departure, and speed camera notifications. The Garmin Dash Cam Live further encourage safe driving by supporting voice commands, allowing you to control the camera with voice, save video, start/stop recording, take stills, and more.

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Rounding up the feature list is a rugged design that can withstand harsh vehicle environments, including direct sunlight and hot interior temperatures. The device is ready to use out of the box – thanks to the included microSD memory card.

Garmin Dash Cam Live Always-connected LTE Dash Cam

The Garmin Dash Cam Live is available now for US$399.99. For more information, please visit the product page.

Images: Garmin.

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