Virtual Reality headset is pretty much a slab of block we wear on our face. But really, it shouldn’t be as proven by the Panasonic HDR-capable UHD VR Eyeglasses and no, it ain’t no headset. It’s eyeglasses. VR eyeglasses.

I guess Steven Spielberg should reshoot Ready Player One because, the future of VR may not be headset, but could be just eyeglasses.

Panasonic HDR-capable UHD VR Eyeglasses

We were drawn to the Panasonic HDR-capable UHD VR Eyeglasses because, it looks wholly different to what we have been using to consume VR contents and also in part, it looks kind of steampunk-ish. But that could be just me.

Anywho, Panasonic HDR-capable UHD VR Eyeglasses is billed as the the world’s first High Dynamic Range (HDR) capable ultra high definition (UHD) virtual reality (VR) eyeglasses.

The whole idea is, VR headset, or in this case, eyeglasses, should be make you feel as if you were wearing eyeglasses. We certainly welcome that, HDR or not.

Panasonic HDR-capable UHD VR Eyeglasses

Panasonic HDR-capable UHD VR Eyeglasses is outfitted with a micro OLED panel co-developed by Kopin Corporation and Panasonic that promised natural and smooth images with no “screen door effect.”

It further features Technics’ original dynamic driver that has a wide range of frequencies, from ultra-low to high, covered. Panasonic said it will continue to further develop the new VR glasses to be used in a variety of applications.

Meanwhile, those hitting up CES will be able to see the reference product at Panasonic’s booth at CES 2020, from January 7-10.

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All images courtesy of Panasonic.

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