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Next Generation Avitron Bionic Flying Bird Takes Flight Using Your Phone

Men has long dreamed of soaring like a bird, which thanks to the invention of aircraft, we did make that dream come true. The only thing is, we didn’t do so in machines with flapping wings. If for some reasons, you yearn to flap like a bird, then we supposed the Avitron Bionic Flying Bird is the closest you ever get to a wing-flapping flying contraption. Bionic Bird has a history dating more than 40 years back, when Van Ruymbeke family invented the first’s successful mechanical bird. Fast forward to late 90s, Edwin Van Ruymbeke, an aeronautic engineer by trade, reinvented it and turn it into a radio control bionic bird. Today, he and his team, has introduced another version, this time you can take control of this mechanical bird with your smartphone. Continue reading Next Generation Avitron Bionic Flying Bird Takes Flight Using Your Phone

Avitron V2.0 RC Flying Bird

man has long being fascinated with flights. that fascination has long been a reality with jet or engine propulsion on fixed or rotary wing aircrafts, but never flapping like a bird as imagined by forefathers like Leonardo da Vinci. however, one French company by the name of Avitron has done it, albeit on a miniature scale, with a RC flying machine dubbed the Avitron V2.0 RC Flying Bird. designed to look like a regular size bird (no species were being referred to, if that’s what you are wondering), the Avitron V2.0 mimics the natural flight movements of the nature’s avian creature, allowing you take control of this magnificent animals for up 8 minutes per 12-minute charge, done via the included remote. it is totally capable both indoor and outdoor flight and only requires six AA batteries to get the bird going. Continue reading Avitron V2.0 RC Flying Bird