man has long being fascinated with flights. that fascination has long been a reality with jet or engine propulsion on fixed or rotary wing aircrafts, but never flapping like a bird as imagined by forefathers like Leonardo da Vinci. however, one French company by the name of Avitron has done it, albeit on a miniature scale, with a RC flying machine dubbed the Avitron V2.0 RC Flying Bird. designed to look like a regular size bird (no species were being referred to, if that’s what you are wondering), the Avitron V2.0 mimics the natural flight movements of the nature’s avian creature, allowing you take control of this magnificent animals for up 8 minutes per 12-minute charge, done via the included remote. it is totally capable both indoor and outdoor flight and only requires six AA batteries to get the bird going.

features include realistic flapping flight with adjustable speeds, low-speed functionality for novice pilot, 2.4GHz radio, 100-meter range (about 328 feet), and a durable EPP body and CFRP wing ribs ensure its survivability in the event of unfortunate crashes (trust us, it will happen when you are still new). if you can recall, Festo achieved the similar feat, in a form of an advanced robotic seagull two years ago, but that was a “research level” stuff for which you and i will not be able to own. as for the Avitron V2.0 RC Flying Bird, it is a bird that you can actually buy for $99.99 a pop, available through our favorite geek store, ThinkGeek. the best part is, this bird won’t pick on your food or poop anyhow. awesome. catch the bird in action in the embedded video below.

ThinkGeek via Laughing Squid

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