Finally, There’s An Official Pokémon Pokédex iPhone Case!

Well, that took long enough. We are talking about the Official Pokémon Pokédex iPhone Case. Yes. The official Pokémon iPhone Case. You hear that? Finally, after years of waiting, fans will be able to get their hands on the official offering from Premium Bandai.

Bandai Tamashii Nations Reimagined Wolverine As A Samurai

You have seen how Darth Vader and Batman looked like if they were in medieval Japan, now see what everyone’s favorite, cigar-smoking X-Men superhero, Wolverine, looks like in the similar era. Meet Bandai Manga Realization Marvel-inspired action figure, Samurai Outlaw Wolverine. The Samurai Outlaw Wolverine action figure, as the name implies, is garbed in a […]

Oh, Look, Evangelion Entry Plug Is Now A Swimming Float

If you have watched and understood Japan’s cult mecha anime Evangelion, you will acknowledge that the Entry Plug was a somewhat grotesque object. For the uninitiated, an Entry Plug is essentially a removable cockpit of the Evangelion. It was a capsule-like tube designed to be inserted into an Evangelion’s spinal area with a loading mechanism, […]

Bandai Announced Premium Metal Build Evangelion Unit-01 Figure

The iconic mecha, EVA Unit-01, from the cult anime series Evangelion is getting a premium format action figure. Announced last week by Bandai Spirit, this newly designed figure will fall under the brand’s high-end model lineup ‘METAL BUILD’. In addition to the draw of it being premium format, it has another draw here: it is […]

Bandai RG Unicorn Gundam In Gold Set To Go On Sale On August 10

Well, it looks like the granddaddy of mecha, Gundam, is set to dazzle fans with some bling. Marking the 1st anniversary of the Gundam Base Tokyo opening, Bandai will be offering a RG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam in gold coating. Now, don’t get too excited over the gold coating cos’ it is just gold coating (basically, […]

Joke-Turn-Reality: Bandai “Nekobusou” Armed Cats Action Figures

What started out as April’s Fool prank, the Bandai’s super adorable “Nekobusou” action figures have become a reality. Literally translates to “armed cats,” Nekobusou is a series of action figures featuring cute felines that are, well, armed. Bandai originally tweeted it this as a joke, but a month on, the Japanese toy maker decided to […]

Hello Kitty Join Forces With PAC-MAN For Mobile Game and Merchandises

If you are a huge fan of the mouth-less Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty and also happen to love the classic arcade game, PAC-MAN, well then, Sanrio, Inc. and Bandai Namco has some good news for you. The two Japanese companies has announced at San Diego Comic-Con that the super adorable pop icon and the […]

With Bandai AT-AT Desk Tidy, Your USB Cable Is The Snowspeeder’s Tow Cable

Calling out all Star Wars fans whose work desk has fallen into an utter disrepair from the barrage of work dropped on you by your Sith Lord, wait, I mean your boss. However messy it is, this 1/72 scale AT-AT Multi Stand i.e. desk tidy from toy maker Bandai is here to save the day. […]

Crazy Case DeLorean Time Machine iPhone Case

Can’t get enough of Back to the Future? Then we trust that the Crazy Case DeLorean iPhone Case will be on top of your BTTF must-have list. Conceived by Japanese toy company Bandai, the same company that brought you the Batmobile Tumbler iPhone Case, the DeLorean iPhone Case features intricate detail of the iconic DMC-12 […]

Pico-Falcon Star Wars RC Toys Let Your Dream of Flying Iconic Star Wars Fighters a Dream Come True

We have seen Star Wars-loving, radio controlled hobbyists trying all they could to make iconic Star Wars fighters come to life as remote controlled aircraft on Planet Earth, but those are just, well, too complex for some folks. Lucky for those who are not as apt in crafting a foam into a X-Wing Fighter, Millennium […]