If Bruce Wayne Ever Went Broke, This Will Probably Be His Crimefighting Ride

Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman, always gets the best gadgets and rides money can buy, and therefore, to think that the billionaire masked crimefighter will use a Toyota Camry as his ride of choice when he go about kicking baddies’ ass is nothing less than absurd. Seriously, Joker will probably die laughing. However, if he ever […]

Guy Built Christopher Nolan’s Batmobile ‘Tumbler’ Out Of A Minivan

Thinking of getting rid of your rusty, old minivan? Well, don’t. Not at least until you have read this. What you see here is the modern day pop culture, the Batmobile, AKA Tumbler, made famous by Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, DIY-ed entirely in the garage. Granted, this is a rather crude contraption, but […]

Infographic: The Evolution Of Some Of The Most Iconic Superhero Vehicles

Thanks to Marvel Cinematic Universal, the interest for comic book superheroes has never been higher and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon – more so now that the two comic book powerhouses are fiercely vying for a chunk of the lucrative movie pie. Annual sale of literatures like comic books, trade paperbacks and […]

Tirrenia Launches DC Superheroes-themed Ships, Starting With Batman

It is unlikely that Batman will announce his presence on a mass transportation system such as a ship and surely, billionaire Bruce Wayne won’t either, but for fans of this fictional crimefighting cape superhero/brilliant detective, it will be perfectly fine to be cruising on a classic Batman themed big-ass ferry like the Italy-based Tirrenia ship’s […]

Fools Paradise x Hold’em By JPX Thailand Toy Expo Exclusive

Independent vinyl figures collectors take note. Fools Paradise and teamed up with Thailand street fashion label Hold’Em Denim and toy brand JPX to issue a very limited Fools x Paradise x Hold’em by JPX vinyl figures, called I want to be ZauZ. With the set you will find two figures adorned with unique “3 straps” […]

Justice League RC Batmobile Spews Real Exhaust, Offers FPV Driving

What you see here is a RC Batmobile from toy maker Mattel. So what’s with this RC toy that gets us so stoked? Well, first and foremost, it is an exact replica of the Batmobile that will appear in the upcoming DC Comics’ Justice League movie. As you can see, Bruce’s crimefighting automobile gets some […]

1/6th Scale Robotic Batman In Off-White Is Kind Of Steampunk-ish

The world as it is, is facing a shit load of threats. Socially, the general population is frowning upon the prospect of robots taking over their livelihood and if that’s true, could this real-world fate apply to the world of comic? You know, such as for example, superheroes being replaced by robots? Well, that’s exactly […]

The Ultimate Batmobile Set’s Batmobile Is A Strange-looking 4-in-1 Vehicle

You probably already saw (or even bought) movie tie-in LEGO sets from The LEGO Batman Movie and you are probably wondering where the hell is the protagonist’s Ultimate Batmobile… well, the answer is, it is coming soon! So I guess it is a ‘yay!’? Maybe? Anyways, according to Market Watch, The Ultimate Batmobile Set is […]

This Is The Bat Creature That Supposed To Appear In Batman V Superman

One of the most memorable scene from Batman v Superman would be that of Bruce Wayne’s nightmare. I guess the decryption processing was so freaking darn slow that not only did the Bat fell asleep (I have no idea that he even sleep at all) but also induced a nightmare. If you think that the […]

Batman Meets Steampunk And Awesomeness Ensues

Considering how dark Batman’s comics, cartoons and movies are, I think it is only fitting that this world’s famous, fictional caped crime fighter receive his fair share of steampunk treatment and steampunk treatment it did get, courtesy of Olivier Xavier. Little is known about this awesome creation, but according to the man himself, this Victorian-age […]