New LEGO Star Wars Sets Are Strictly For Fans Of The Mandalorian

Super fans of Star Wars, rejoice! There are more LEGO Star Wars sets coming your way – specifically, The Mandalorian-themed. Announced at Saturday’s LEGO Con are three brand new LEGO Star Wars sets, namely, LEGO 75311 Imperial Armored Marauder, LEGO 75312 Boba Fett’s Starship and LEGO 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser.

Back To The Future Marty’s Pickup Truck Joins Playmobil’s List Of BTTF Playsets

With the DMC DeLorean taking all the spotlight, all other vehicles that appeared in the Back to the Future trilogy becomes rather unremarkable. However, there was one other vehicle that fans will definitely dig and it is the Marty’s pickup, a 1985 pickup truck.

Transformers Generations Shattered Glass Collection Autobot Goldbug & IDW Shattered Glass – Goldbug

Hasbro is hooked selling fans of Transformers repainted Transformers toys. The latest to get the redeco, as collectors call it, is the Goldbug. The Transformers Generations Shattered Glass Collection Autobot Goldbug & IDW Shattered Glass – Goldbug, as it is officially called, is available to order for anyone who’s interested.

Hasbro Ghostbusters Plasma Series Mini-Pufts: The Cutest Stay Pufts Ever

There is nothing more Ghostbusters then the smiley face monsters, the oversized marshmallow man, Stay Puft. I am sure we have seen enough of Stay Puft merchandises, from the edible to the cute and edible. But the new Hasbro Ghostbusters Plasma Series Mini-Pufts is little different. It is not the Puft you used to know.

One-Off Rolls-Royce SRH Kiddie Ride Serviced After 2,000 Journeys

The last thing a kiddie ride needs is servicing or reconditioning. Not with this Rolls-Royce kiddie ride, though. The Rolls-Royce SRH electric car created for St. Richard’s Hospital, Chichester, has recently underwent its 100,000 m service.

New Mattel Barbie Loves the Ocean Doll Is Made Of 90% Recycled Plastic

Barbie Loves The Ocean from Mattel is a new line of Barbie Dolls and the first’s first fashion doll collection that is made from 90% recycled plastic. To celebrate this, Mattel has partnered with Whalebone Magazine to showcase the new dolls in a way never seen before.

This Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet Only Does One Thing: Hold A Bottle Of Coke

Here’s another item you can buy when you hit up Disneyland Resort’s Avengers Campus. Yes, it is yet another Infinity Gauntlet, but ain’t Thanos’; its Tony Stark’s Power Gauntlet used by Hulk to make the snap that brings everyone back.