Out Of This World: Moon Express Approved To Land On The Moon In 2017

While SpaceX, Blue Origin and the likes are busy working on reusable rockets that will eventually lead to future space travel, a private firm has been approved to travel beyond Earth’s orbit, into space and land on the Moon in 2017. Moon Express, Inc., the first approved private entity, won’t be ferrying curious visitors onboard […]

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Successfully Relaunched A Reusable Rocket

Commercial aircrafts don’t get dumped after traveling to somewhere and so, why should space-going rocket be any different? Yes. We are talking about reusable rockets that will (hopefully), in near future, make suborbital space flight and space cargo delivery more cost effective. The idea is being explored by both SpaceX and Blue Origin. While SpaceX […]

This Is SpaceX Dragon V2. It Can Transport Humans And Promised Soft Landing

SpaceX Dragon has been doing a pretty good job in transporting cargo to the International Space Station, but still, Elon Musk’s SpaceX think it could do more and that ‘more’ is to transport humans, which is a task to be covered by the newly unveiled Dragon V2. it is designed transport up to seven astronauts […]

XCOR Lynx: NYC to Tokyo in 90 Minutes

if you (one) trust a rocket company to safely bring you from point A to point B, (two) has the yearning to see the space in person, and (three) has tons of cash to spare, then brace yourself for a coolest air (or rather space) travel any regular mankind has yet to experienced: a flight to the space and that will happen as early as year 2014. and the vehicle that will bring you to the…