Bill Gates Is Funding This Ingenious On-site Sanitation Toilet

The fact that there is an expo that’s about toilet shouldn’t surprise anyone, but what should surprise is, Bill Gates spoke at this expo called Reinvented Toilet, held last week in Beijing, China. For his speech, the founder of Microsoft used a jar of poop to emphasize the importance of sanitation, specifically off-the-grid sanitization which […]

Self-Driving 1965 Ford Mustang Was Cool Until It Drove Into A Wall

If you haven’t heard, Roborace wasn’t alone in autonomous drive at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. A 1965 Ford Mustang did too with unexpected result, or should I say, unsurprising result. It was cool to see a classic driving itself and we have Siemens and Cranfield University to thank. The two organizations came together to […]