Wristlet Handmade Watch Marks The Birth Of Wrist Watch In The Trenches

The first recorded history of wrist watch being worn was 1571, but it was not until the 20th century when it became a norm and like many brilliant inventions, wristwatch birth was in the military, or to be more precise, during the war. Back then, men mostly use pocket watches, however, during the World War […]

Who Would Have Thought Crocodile’s Silhouette Could Make an Ideal Multi-tool?

It is obvious crocodile has nothing in common with multi-tools, but who would have thought it has a silhouette perfect for a multi-tool with no less than eight functionalities? At least, we didn’t. Anywho, if you love carabiner and/or adore the convenience of pocket-size multi-tool, then we think you may fancy the Crocobiner Multi-tool Carabiner. […]