DHL’s Third Parcelcopter Is Tilt-rotor, Docks At Special Packstations

Remember the DHL Parcelcopter 2.0? Yeah. That drone that was trialled for delivery of medicine to Island of Juist in 2014. Well, as it turns out. DHL has made a lot of headway into autonomous delivery since then. In early 2016, DHL has already trialling the third iteration of the Parcelcopter, the Parcelcopter 3.0, but […]

DHL Parcelcopter Made First Autonomous Delivery Flight, Delivered Emergency Medication to Island of Juist

while folks like Amazon and Google are still laying out plans to make drone delivery a reality, Deutsche Post DHL very own delivery drone had successfully made its first autonomous delivery flight to the Island of Juist, located at the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea, delivering emergency medication. the drone, aptly called Parcelcopter 2.0, has secured […]