This Pair Of ‘Sunglasses’ Is Actually A Virtual Reality Headset

When mobile phone first appeared, consumers were fine by the water bottle-size communication gadget despite it being rather unsightly and cumbersome. Nevertheless, we lived with it. Having said that, I guess the same could apply to VR headset. For now, we are fine with donning a rectangular box on our face, but perhaps, like mobile […]

China’s Dlodlo VR Glasses is Seriously Fashionable, Touts Specs That Seems Almost Unreal

If clunky goggles have been stopping you from diving into virtual reality eyewear, then perhaps Dlodlo Virtual Reality Glasses will change your mind. Hail from Shenzhen, China, Dlodlo prides itself as the lightest VR glasses in the market, tipping the scale at mere 4 ounces (120g) and it does so with serious fashion styling. And […]