Samsung Hennessy Android Flip Phone

remember flip phones? they kind of R.I.P. when smartphone comes about. it is hard to imagine if flip phone will still be relevant in today’s smartphone world – even more so when the demand for bigger screen real estate is growing exponentially, but here it is the Samsung Hennessy Android Flip Phone (SCH-W789), a dual-screen Android flip phone, that combines

Fairphone – A Socially Responsible Smartphone

this is something really new. a socially responsible smartphone? yea. it is what it says it is. a phone that promised to be transparent about its existence from how it is made, right down to where the materials that are used to manufacture the handset comes from. this Netherlands-based social enterprise wants to assure

BLU Armor Smartphone with Swarovski Zirconia

if you have a mobile product embellished in the slightest amount of Swarovski Crystals, typically it will cost a bomb, but that’s not the case with the BLU Armor Smartphone with Swarovski Zirconia. BLU said that this sweet-looking Android-powered handset is aimed squarely at the fairer sex “with exquisite taste, sophistication

Samsung GALAXY S4 mini Smartphone

is it true that the Samsung GALAXY S4‘s big form factor may not be everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego this awesome device cos’ Sammy has folks who prefer smaller device or with smaller hands covered. and that device is none other than the Samsung GALAXY S4 mini.

Nokia Asha 501 – Budget Smartphone

in the past, going on budget means trade-off for quality, but not with the Nokia Asha 501, the latest budget smartphone that aims to bring high-end design and quality accessible to more folks. well, at least that’s what the Finnish handset maker is touting. along with high-quality build is a series of bold color that is geared

BLU LIFE Series Android Phones

when it comes to smartphone, it is easy for consumers to get carried away and pay top dollars or bound to long customer agreement contract for those ‘high specs’ devices. lucky for the budget conscious folks, there are the BLU LIFE Series Android Phones that offers pretty good specifications without punching a massive hole in your wallet, or tied

Samsung GALAXY Young & GALAXY Fame Smartphones

the know what they said about getting started from young? it looks like Samsung truly goes by that mantra and to prove that, it has announced two Android handsets targeted at the “younger, stylish generation of mobile users.” the two handsets, the Samsung GALAXY Young and GALAXY Fame

BLU Vivo 4.65 HD Smartphone

we are always excited whenever there is a new smartphone releases but we are not so thrilled if we are required to be tied to a two-year consumer contract. thankfully, there are still makers out there that believe that a phone should be, well, a phone and its users shouldn’t be a slave to big corporate’s huge profiteering plan. the BLU Vivo 4.65 HD Smartphone happens…

YotaPhone – Dual Display Android Smartphone

fiction: we can teleport ourselves to any place on Earth in an instant. fact: smartphone can actually have two displays – back-to-back – as proven by Russian firm Yota Devices’s YotaPhone (not to be confused with the little green saint-like Jedi master). and it is already off the drawing board and now a real life working…

Samsung GALAXY Grand Smartphone

not content with having just a model or two giant smartphones in its arsenal, Samsung has announced yet another 5-inch monster, dubbed the Samsung GALAXY Grand smartphone. though running on the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, the Grand is not a premium phone by any means. it is a smartphone that’s largely occupied with entry-level specifications by today’s standard: 1.2GHz…