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Stetheadphone: earphones disguised as a stethoscope

Stetheadphone 544x488px
(credit: Antrepo)

this gotta be the coolest buds ever – if it ever get made. designed by Antrepo Design Industry, the Stetheadphone is a pair of earphones fashioned to look like a stethoscope. instead of listening to a patient’s heart beat, the Stetheadphone lets you listen to the music from your iPhone or iPod. i guess you don’t need a medical degree to do so, do you? plus, you are sure going to turn heads with this pair of buds. it will come with remote and mic that enable it to make and receive calls, access voice-control features, as well as listen to and manage music playback of your iPhone or iPod. Continue reading Stetheadphone: earphones disguised as a stethoscope

Final Audio Design Piano Forte X-VIII series earphones

Piano Forte X-VIII series earphones 544x350px
(credit: Final Audio Design) Piano Forte X-VIII series earphones | from ¥80,000.00 | www.final-audio-design-e.com

how expensive is considered really expensive for a gadget? perhaps, we make the judgement by justifying what goes into the gadget or the size of the gadget? here’s one series of earphones that is going blow your mind with its price tags but thankfully, probably pleasing to your ears. recently unveiled by Japan-based Final Audio Design, is the Piano Forte X-VIII series earphones that is said to deliver “a concert hall-like sound experience.” Continue reading Final Audio Design Piano Forte X-VIII series earphones

new Monster Turbine high performance in-ear earphones

Monster Cable Turbine Pearl main 544x350px
(image credit: Monster Cable) Monster Turbine Pearl In-Ear Speakers | U$229.95 | www.monstercable.com

in recent years, headphones have transformed from being a simple personal music gear into a fashion statement. case in point: the new Monster Turbine Pearl In-Ear Speakers with Control Talk. styled in the familiar Monster Turbine design with a pearl-color paint job accented with chrome details, this new Monster Turbine buds features the Monster SuperTips in a series of shapes and sizes to give an ideal fit for your ears. it is not just another silicone bud that goes into your ear, the SuperTips is touted to create a superb acoustic chamber in your ears “that seals your music in and noise out.” Continue reading new Monster Turbine high performance in-ear earphones

dB Logic SPL2 in-ear headphones protects your hearing

dblogic SPL2 earphones main 544px
(image credit: dB Logic) dB Logic EP-100 SPL2 Earphones | US$29.95 | www.dblogic.com

people who uses earphones will have the tendency of unconsciously rising the volume too loud which could potentially damage their ears over a prolong period of time. dB Logic, an Indiana-based company, has an innovative solution to protect your hearing while still lets you enjoy your music. their latest pair of in-ear headphones, dubbed the EP-100, employs the patent-pending SPL2 (or Sound Pressure Level Limiting) technology that manipulates sound waves and selectively lowers the volume while maintaining the shape of the sound wave curve.

traditionally, volume is limited by truncating the sound wave which limits the volume altogether but dB Logic’s SPL2 technology “intelligently” modifies the sound wave to closely match the original music profile, thus maintaining the overall volume without the harmful effect from the sound pressure which could otherwise damage the wearer’s hearing. SPL2, being a battery-free operation, enables dB Logic to incorporates this wonderful hearing-saving technology into its latest earphones.

dblogic SPL2 earphones - colors 544px
the colors (clockwise from top left) quick silver, big apple red, barracuda blue, green shamrock, orange tiger, and pink valentine

the EP-100 is driven by a pair of 9-mm drivers with a frequency range of between 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which promised to deliver “crystal clear, distortion-free sound with a rich, full bass.” as with all in-ear buds, the EP-100 comes with multiple sets of silicone tips to suit different ear sizes. the dB Logic EP-100 in-ear earphones with SPL2 technology comes in a choice of six colors, including one color that is perfectly suited for your love one for this Valentine’s Day. at just $29.95 a pair, EP-100 proves that the goodness of technology need not to be overly priced.

the dB Logic EP-100 in-ear earphones is available at dB Logic web store.

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Marshall Headphones announced the long awaited Minor

Marshall Headphones Minor img1 544x311px
(image credit: Marshall Headphones) Marshall Headphones Minor | US$59.00 | www.marshallheadphones.com

finally it is here. Marshall Headphones has announced the availability of the long awaited Minor in-ear headphones, along with detailed information and photos. the Minor features a patented EarClick ear buds that touted to “ingeniously secures the earphone into position in your ear.” Continue reading Marshall Headphones announced the long awaited Minor

new Miles Davis Trumpet earphones unveiled by Monster

Monster Cable Miles Davis Trumpet Headphones 544px
(image credit: Monster Cable) Miles Davis Trumpet earphones | US$349.00 | www.monstercable.com

in the recent CES 2011, Monster Cable unveiled the new jazz-inspired Miles Davis Trumpet in-ear headphones. the design of the buds drew inspiration from Mile’s very own trumpet which features a striking gold/brass finishes. there’s even a Miles Davis silhouette and etched signature on its cord.

this new pair of audiophile buds should appeal to any Jazz-audiophile as it will come specially packaged with Miles Davis album “Sketches of Spain” in a specially remixed, remastered version in Monster high Definition Stereo and High Definition Surround Sound. Continue reading new Miles Davis Trumpet earphones unveiled by Monster

meet the world first earphones with four drivers

Westone 4 earphones 544px
(image credit: Westone) Westone 4 Earphones | US$449.00 | www.westone.com

product differentiation is not an easy task for earphones manufacturer. given the tiny size of earbuds, there’s really little real estate for added electronic circuitry to improve it’s performance. perhaps, that’s why physical appearance takes priority for manufacturers to differentiate their earbuds with the rest. but that was then. recently, Westone announces the Westone 4 which managed to pack in four drivers in these tiny earbuds.

Westone claimed that the Westone 4 is the “world’s first four driver balanced armature universal fit earphones” which is designed specifically for “serious audiophile and music enthusiast.” aside from the four balanced armature drivers, these buds also features a passive three-way crossover network and on the comfort department, it is treated with Westone’s True-Fit technology which offers superior ergonomics and comfort for wearer. being a world’s first and targeted at audiophile means it won’t come cheap. the Westone 4 will set you back at a tidy $449 and will starts shipping “early in the first quarter of 2011.”


Monster Cable to introduce TRON Legacy movie tie-in products this fall

Monster Cable TRON products img1 544px
(image credit: Monster Cable)

is it just me feeling that the TRON movie tie-in has reached an incredible proportion? you have toys that run up the wall (and ceiling) and TRON-inspired gaming mouse and now Monster Cable is set to release a line of products that tie in with the movie TRON Legacy (Walt Disney Pictures, 2010). needless to say, regardless of the products, you can be sure that they are going to be laced with the icy blue lights which has now become synonymous with TRON Legacy. trust me. if you build something now and put on a hint of icy blue lights, you will bound to hear “is that TRON inspired?” Continue reading Monster Cable to introduce TRON Legacy movie tie-in products this fall

waterproof and sweatproof buds for the active lifestyle

H2O Audio Flex All Sport Waterproof Headphones Onyx Black 544pxH2O Audio Flex All Sport Waterproof Headphones | US$29.99 | www.h2oaudio.com
(image credit: H2O Audio)

active lifestyle music fans will understand that moisture is the greatest enemy of your music gear, especially to the headphones. H2O Audio has a new line of ear buds that promise to keep those nasty moisture out, including your perspirations.

it is supposed to be 100% waterproof and sweatproof and capable of withstanding submersion of up to 1 meter underwater. not that you can bring it for your swimming session, unless you have an equally waterproofed music player to go along with it. its more for a good thorough rinsing after an active use, to keep those nasty saltish sweat off.

the Flex All Sports Waterproof Headphones come in four different hues to choose from and has three different sizes of Elastomer ear plugs to suit different fittings and the in-ear buds also means noise isolation too. at $29.99 its probably a heck of a deal and because of its waterproof/sweatproof feature, its going to last a long way.

funny, isn’t it? because some of us paid ten times more for some ear buds thats likely to be less ‘tough’. pay less – last longer; pay more – may not last any longer. ironical isn’t it?

H2O Audio Flex All Sport Waterproof Headphones - the colors 544px

zip up those ear buds: Zipbuds By DGA

Zipbuds by DGA 544px

(photo credit: dgastore.com) Zipbuds By DGA | US$39.99 | www.dgastore.com

if you are looking for a tangle-free earphones, and you need something more than just fabric cords then Zipbuds by DGA could be it. the highlight of the Zipbuds is the tangle resistant zipper integrated cable. tangle-free? makes sense to us, cos’ we can’t really tangle a zipper, can we?

while it may seems quite bulky looking (as compared to traditional cord), but the concept of zipper makes it a style-statement. the zipper portion only runs up to a few inches before the noise-isolating stubbed ear buds, so you won’t look ridiculous wearing it. other features of the Zipbuds include Dupont Kevlar reinforced cabling, braided nylon cable, gold plated audio jack, 8mm driver with a rated output of 2mW (max input: 5mW).

the Zipbuds come in 5 different color and includes three custom fitted ear tip sizes, two sport ear clips and a storage pouch. pretty neat huh? just don’t confuse with your jacket’s zipper.

i thought the Zipbuds is suitable for those who’s looking for tangle-free earbuds and at the same time, doing it with style.

Zipbuds by DGA 544px
(photo credit: dgastore.com)