Rowan Atkinson Is Back In Netflix’s Man Vs Bee And Here’s The Official Trailer

At a glance, you may mistake Netflix‘s upcoming series, Man Vs Bee, to be a wildlife documentary. It is not. It is Rowan Atkinson’s comedy series created and written by Atkinson himself with William Davies (Johnny English, The Real McCoy) for Netflix.

Part Of The Opening Of Shin Ultraman Will Be Available To Watch For Free

Shin Ultraman opened on the 13 this month. Since then, it had been the no. 1 movie in Japan for two consecutive weeks and rolled in over 2 billion yen (about US$15 million) at the box office. But this latest Shin movie is not about to rest on its laurels.

Thor: Love And Thunder Official Trailer: Chris Hemsworth’s Butt Naked!

If Thor: Love and Thunder’s official teaser has gotten you all high and excited, then you’d be prepared to go ga-ga over the official trailer. Earlier this week, Marvel Studios dropped the Thor: Love and Thunder official trailer, and oh boy, are we thrilled!

Watch the First 8 Minutes Of Netflix’s Stranger Things 4

The long-overdue Netflix’s Stranger Things 4 is set to drop next week. To get keep the mood going, Netflix has shared the first 8 minutes of the new season. If I can be perfectly honest, I am not entirely thrilled. Not by the show or by the first 8 minutes.

Like Gaming? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Do you love gaming? If you’re like me, then there’s nothing better than spending a weekend afternoon playing your favorite video game. But what if I told you that gaming could help improve your life in other ways too? Believe it or not, gaming can actually make you smarter and more productive. In this blog …

Influential Game Shows That Are Still Beloved

Game shows have been a regular and entertaining staple of the TV schedule for what seems like forever. While they come in many forms, there have been standout titles that captured our attention, generated discussion, and even a little controversy. These are the shows that became prominent additions to the game show arsenal and really …

Awesome Ideas To Keep You Entertained While You Travel

Traveling can, as you will know, really be a lot of fun, but it can also get a bit boring if you don’t have anything to do. If you’re looking for some ideas for what to do to keep yourself entertained, read on! This post will give you some great ideas for things to do …