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What We Have Missed: Day 217, Week 32 In The Year Of 2014

GoRigIt GoPro iPhone Case GoRigIt Turns Your GoPro Into A Point-and-Shoot Camera
fancy using your GoPro as a point-and-shoot camera? well, now you can with the GoRigIt Case for iPhone. the case features a special mount to fit your GoPro camera, so that you can frame your and review your footages right there and then. it also fits almost any GoPro mount too. from $49. BUY.

CaseCam Ultimate Selfie iPhone Case CaseCam Wants To Be The Ultimate Selfie iPhone Case With Kickstand
forget about selfie stick, CaseCam puts the ultimate selfie accessory into an iPhone case. it uses a kickstand-mirror to prop up your device, while an adjustable timer let you capture the selfie as you and your group poses. you can also use another device to remotely preview and take the pictures too. from $25. BUY.

Prox Dynamics PD-100 Black Hornet U.S. Army Working On Palm-sized Miniature Drones For Squad-sized Units
Prox Dynamics PD-100 Black Hornet weighs in at mere 16g is being developed to provide soldiers on squad level with real-time situational awareness and affording them to see around the corner or into the next room during combat missions. it will goes where regular size drones can’t. LEARN MORE. [via]
Dunlop Racecar Of The Future Dunlop Imagines What The Future Race Car Will Look Like
no FIA or whatsoever is involved here. this is purely the tire maker’s vision of the racer of the future. it went all out to gather opinions from motorsport enthusiasts and referring them to GP and Le Mans racecar designer Sergio Rinland to sketch out the “perfect racing machine of the future” you see you. LEARN MORE. [via]
Man-made Leaf by Julian Melchiorri This Is A Living And Breathing Man-made Biological Leaf
if humanity has any hope of surviving in space, we will need plants and since organic plants can’t grow in zero-gravity, NASA asked to create one that can, and this is the result and it works. the leaf consists of chloroplasts suspended in silk protein, which allows photosynthesis to occur. LEARN MORE.

Super Strength Exoskeleton Suit Apparently, Super Strength Exoskeleton Suits Are Already In Use In South Korea
this happen in Daewoo shipyard where select workers wear this hydraulically-supported power suit and picks up 100 kg metal like nothing. the suits last for 3 hours per charge and lifts up to 100 kg. the suit reacts to natural human motion and the wearer can walk around with it on. LEARN MORE.

Skeletonics is a power-free exoskeleton suit

Skeletonics power-free exoskeleton suit 544x408px
(image credit: Project Skeletonics)

this group of Japanese engineering students proved that you don’t need to be a multi-national corporation with big bucks to build a real working exoskeleton suit and the best part is, it doesn’t required any form of electrical power. the project called “Sukerutonikusu” that translates to “Skeletonics”, which is a hybrid of the words “skeleton” and “mechanics”. Continue reading Skeletonics is a power-free exoskeleton suit

top ten gadgets in movies that inspires and excites us

top ten gadgets in movies banner 544x230px 
movies often provides us insight to future gizmos and gadgets that has inspired scientists in the real world. this week, we take a look at the top ten gadgets in movies that truly inspires and excites us… Continue reading top ten gadgets in movies that inspires and excites us

Cyberdyne’s Robot Suit HAL is a real life exoskeleton suit

Cyberdyne Robot Suit HAL - details 544x650px
(image credit: Cyberdyne)

if you haven’t heard, Cyberdyne‘s Robot Suit HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) is a ‘cyborg-type’ robot that aims to expand and improve human being’s physical capability. at the first glance, the suit resembles the Metal Gear Solid Raiden’s exoskeleton suit, albeit being more bulkier. so how does it works? when a person attempts to move, this intention triggers the brain to send nerve signals to the muscles via motoneuron which in turns, move the body’s musculoskeletal system. Continue reading Cyberdyne’s Robot Suit HAL is a real life exoskeleton suit

Panasonic’s Power Loader Light robotic suit powers up your legs

Panasonic Power Loader Light
(photo source: crunchgear.com) Activelink Power Loader Light | approx. US$233,000
perhaps there is an ongoing secret ‘battle’ for the development of power suit or exoskeleton. if Lockheed Martin’s HULC and Raytheon’s Exoskeleton suit’s military application does not turned you on, then you peace loving (and logistic nuts, alike) will love this piece of news. Activelink, a power assisted devices arm of Panasonic, announced the Power Loader Light, a light-version of their original (in development) Power Loader (which will not be ready till 2015). Continue reading Panasonic’s Power Loader Light robotic suit powers up your legs

testing of next generation Lockheed Martin’s HULC Robotic Exoskeleton began

Lockheed Martin HULC 544px
(photo source: lockheedmartin.com)
Lockheed Martin began putting its improved next-generation design of the HULC™ advanced robotic exoskeleton thru laboratory test. in case you haven’t heard, the HULC (or Human Universal Load Carrier) is an untethered, battery-powered, hydraulic-actuated anthropomorphic exoskeleton capable of performing deep squats, crawls and upper-body lifting with minimal human exertion. Continue reading testing of next generation Lockheed Martin’s HULC Robotic Exoskeleton began

Raytheon Exoskeleton 2 Robotic Suit: Iron Man in reality

Raytheon Gen 2 Exoskeleton Suit 544px(photo source: raytheon.com)

this is awesome! a couple weeks ago, Raytheon unveiled it’s 2nd generation Exoskeleton Robotic Suit. this project started as far back as 2008, when the 1st generation suit was unveiled. needless to say, this was developed for the U.S.Army but it’s potential applications are far and wide. the suit uses a combination of sensors, actuators and controllers, to ‘amplified’ the strength of human. although it may not look as ‘sleek’ as the Exoskeleton suit that Raiden wears in Metal Gear Solid, but this mark a huge advancement in this technology. as with all other innovations, thing always starts from big, but as technology matures, miniaturization of the components will no doubt be possible, and in the process making the suit even more sleek and agile. Continue reading Raytheon Exoskeleton 2 Robotic Suit: Iron Man in reality