G-RO The Six Completely Rethinks Carry-on Suitcase, Wants You To Push Instead Of Pull

This is The Six, the latest suitcase from young suitcase maker, G-RO. What makes The Six special is not fancy gizmo built into it. In fact, it has none of those. What it has to offer is an awesome, well-thought out design that promised to make traveling with your carry-on a less wrist-tormenting one.

G-RO: Carry-on Luggage Goes All-Terrain With Enormous Wheels

It was a moment of revelation. Our concept of carry-on luggage is wrong the whole time. Why? A luggage needs to be towed and the wheels of today’s luggage is only good if it rolls on perfectly flat ground. But then again, you can’t blame luggage makers cos’ small wheels take up less space, meaning …