This is The Six, the latest suitcase from young suitcase maker, G-RO. What makes The Six special is not fancy gizmo built into it. In fact, it has none of those. What it has to offer is an awesome, well-thought out design that promised to make traveling with your carry-on a less wrist-tormenting one.

G-RO The Six Push Carry-on Luggage

For starter, it has got six wheels; a pair of enormous, axle-less wheels the company pioneered several years ago and two set of dual spinners. However, the most radical is perhaps the a tilted handle that angled at exactly 66 degrees so that you can push The Six as opposed to pulling with regular carry-on.

Well, that kind of makes The Six a “rear-wheel drive” suitcase, doesn’t it? I mean since the force (that is you) is driving from behind. That’s just a random thought there, so don’t mind me. Pushing not gives you better control of the suitcase since it is in front of you, but it also takes the stress out of your wrist and shoulder.

G-RO The Six Push Carry-on Luggage

The tilted retractable handle, when combined with the unusually large wheel, even allows it to go down steps. Though, TBH, I am not sure pushing is good for going up stairs. Just saying… Anywho, what’s amazes me is how G-RO managed to pull the tilted handle off while still allowing the suitcase to open fully.

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Technically, the handle running across either side of the luggage should prevent it from even opening even by a bit. But an ingenious engineering allows the creation of a magnesium split main handle to allow it to do so.

G-RO The Six Push Carry-on Luggage

Other notable details include a completely flat top that can serve as a makeshift table top, built-in bumpers and corner protectors, an aluminum chassis, polycarbonate shell with reinforcement ribs, aluminum hinges, TSA-approved lock and thanks to a clever design, it has an usually large volume of 38L for its given size.

If your interest is piqued, you can learn more about this radical suitcase at its Kickstarter campaign. Speaking of which, G-RO is selling The Six Carry-on Suitcase at a Kickstarter special price of $345, which is 30 percent off its eventual retail price. You can also learn more in the video below.

Images: G-RO.

Source: Yanko Design.

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