Whoever invented bolas must be proud. Why? Because, the invention not survived to this day, but has gotten a high-tech twist by the way of BolaWrap. BolaWrap is a non-lethal restraining device. It is not Taser, if that’s what you are thinking. In any case, Taser is not always non-lethal, if history has taught us anything. BolaWrap is described as a hand-held remote restraint device “that discharges an 8-foot bola style Kevlar tether at 640 feet per second to entangle a subject a range of 10-25 feet.”

BolaWrap Hand-held Remote Restraint Device

Seriously, why do I get a feeling that BolaWrap belongs to Batman’s utility belt more than it belongs to a police officer? While it is a nod to an ancient hunting weapon, it feels very much like what the cape crusader would use. Unlike Taser which you can buy (well, at least in some countries and states), BolaWrap is targeted at law enforcement agencies. That said, we heard that several police departments in United States have already adopted BolaWrap as the remote restraint device of choice. So, no, it does not appear to be something you and I can buy. Here, have a look at it in action in the introduction video below.

Images: Wrap Technologies.

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Source: Dude.

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