Pokémon Arrives To Italian Streetwear, Courtesy Of GCDS

You know that the Pokémon fad hasn’t die when it starts appearing in apparels and on an esteemed fashion event like the Milan Fashion Week. Well, this was exactly happened and it was GCDS who has brought to the table some really cool and somewhat goofy Pokémon-themed fashion pieces. As it turns out, the Italian […]

GCDS Had Three-breasted Models In Revealing Crop Tops (NSFW)

What will the future of fashion be like? Will apparels of the future covered in LEDs, or has fabric that is also a display that changes pattern based on your mood and location? Or could it be human modifications like having three breasts? Made-in-Italy streetwear brand GCGS, AKA God Can’t Destroy Streetwear, seems to think […]