You know that the Pokémon fad hasn’t die when it starts appearing in apparels and on an esteemed fashion event like the Milan Fashion Week. Well, this was exactly happened and it was GCDS who has brought to the table some really cool and somewhat goofy Pokémon-themed fashion pieces. As it turns out, the Italian streetwear label has more than breast pumps wearing and three-breasted models at the Milan Fashion Week; it has got adorable Pokémon monsters too… on its sweater, boots, and very sleek one-piece tights too.

GCDS Pokémon-themed Apparels

Apparently, GCDS is not alone in the Pokémon-themed fashion. Famous for wings-on-shoes Jeremy Scott is in it too, but Scott’s one piece appeared to be far more subtle. You know what I think? I think Pokémon is going to get a boost in 2019 thanks to these fashion items.

There is a video of all the GCDS pieces which you can find below. Pokémon fashion starts somewhere around the 9:09 mark.

GCDS Pokémon-themed Apparels

Images: Milano Moda Donna.

Source: Kotaku.

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