Two stories about octopus in a day. What are the odds, eh? Unlike Ocho the Octopus, this one here has nothing to with art, though the video that captured the moment was quite an art in itself. The footage has the new GoPro HERO7 and its HyperSmooth stabilization feature to thank. Oh, wait. Why do I smell a sponsored viral campaign here? OK. We will give the entire thing the benefit of the doubt that isn’t (a GoPro campaign).

Anyways, the story went that a kayaker was minding his own business kayaking on the open waters in Kaikoura, New Zealand, when a seal decided to breach the surface and give him a slap on the face… with an octopus! LoL! This couldn’t be any funnier, really. I can only assume that the octopus was the seal’s meal and this marine creature was somehow triggered by a passing kayak and decided to return in kind. Now, that’s a thug’s life.

Here’s the entire footage:

A post shared by ?TAIYO MASUDA? (@taiyomasuda) on

The footage was posted by one Taiyo Masuda. Though it is not clear if he was the one who had the honor of getting slapped with an octopus by a seemingly harmless seal. Whoever that was, he’d count himself lucky that it wasn’t a whale’s tail.

Image: Taiyo Masuda via Instagram.

Source: Boing Boing.

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