Japan’s Robot-staffed Hotel “Fires” Robots, Employs Humans

Henn-na Hotel, a hotel chain in Japan that lauded as the first hotel in the world to be staffed largely by robots, made waves back in 2015. We caught on with the news back in 2017 when it opened the second robot-staffed hotel. Back then, we thought, this is it. The future is here, but […]

Take A Look At Henn-na Hotel Incredibly Surreal Robotic Fishes

Remember the high-tech hotel in Japan that’s staffed mostly by dinosaur robots? Well, the robotic theme did not stop at robotic employees or keyless entry with face recognition… even the ornamental fishes that serve to spruce up the ambience in the lobby, near the entrance, are robotic as well and they are eerily as surreal […]

Second Robot-Staffed Hotel Opens In Tokyo Bay, Dinos Come Standard

In another example of jobs threatened by technological advancement… a hotel in Tokyo, Japan, called Henn-na Hotel, has employed more robots than actual humans to run the entire operation. But instead of brooding over this grim prospect, we are rather intrigued by Henn-na Hotel because, the robot stationed at the front desk is not just […]