Henn-na Hotel Robotic Fishes

Remember the high-tech hotel in Japan that’s staffed mostly by dinosaur robots? Well, the robotic theme did not stop at robotic employees or keyless entry with face recognition… even the ornamental fishes that serve to spruce up the ambience in the lobby, near the entrance, are robotic as well and they are eerily as surreal as f*#k! We are completely enthralled by this super life-like robotic fishes. What makes these robo-fishes so life-like is their incredibly fluid movement. Like really, really fluid.

Seriously, at a glance, I swear you won’t be able to tell that they are actually not real aquatic animals. You know what’s even more astounding? The fishes managed to get around this water-filled three dimensional environment in a seemingly random manner without bumping into each other (well, mostly), just like real fishes.

Welcome to the uncanny valley:

Image: The Japan Times.

via Space Is The Place.