iKamper EatOut: An Outdoor Kitchen That Fits Right Into A Car’s Trunk

First, it wants you to sleep on your car’s roof, away from the creepy crawlies and now, iKamper wants you enjoy a hearty meal without bringing loads after loads of gears. Meet iKamper EatOut, a revolutionary outdoor kitchen-in-a-box. Now, we wouldn’t use ‘revolutionary’ frivolously. It really is revolutionary because, you can now enjoy eating in […]

iKamper Introduces World’s First Expandable Roof Top Tent To The U.S.

What’s the thing stopping you from camping out in the wild? Creepy crawlies? Wild animals? If so, then iKamper Hardtop One may be the solution that will encourage you to step into the wild. Billed as the world’s first expandable roof top tent, the Hardtop One is capable of expanding horizontally, as well as vertically, […]

This Tent Is Not Going Anywhere – It Is Going Onto Your Bed

Nope. This is not the tent you put in your kids’ play room. This is a really an indoor – for your bed. But why? Well, simple. Beating the cold can be costly because of heating bills and sometimes, cocooning yourself in layers of blanket isn’t enough. While Room in Room Indoor Tent looks much […]