Nope. This is not the tent you put in your kids’ play room. This is a really an indoor – for your bed. But why? Well, simple. Beating the cold can be costly because of heating bills and sometimes, cocooning yourself in layers of blanket isn’t enough. While Room in Room Indoor Tent looks much like an outdoor tent, complete with mesh doors and cotton fly, it is without a base and is specially designed to fit on your bed’s mattress. The Room in Room Indoor Tent is said to up the ambient temp by 10 degrees Fahrenheit, making cold nights without heater more tolerable. So, if you want to save yourself from utility shock, then you could use a little help from this grown-up, made-for-bed indoor tent, plus we think it looks kinda cool too.

iKamper Room in Room Indoor Tent

Knowing that most people don’t actually goes to sleep when they hit the sack, iKamper, the Massachusetts company behind Room in Room, also includes straps and harnesses within the tent to hold stash your smartphone and hang your tablet, in case you need these gadgets to coax you to sleep. However, sleeping inside a tent in your own home, on a bed is not the weirdest proposition though; the company also touts this little cocoon as a place to work, as hinted by the stationary/smartphone holder and an integrated laptop stand.

We suspect it will take a while for adults to warm to this idea, but one thing for sure, your kids are going to love it and perhaps, even compete with you for a piece of the space. Anywho, if Room in Room Indoor Tent is something you could use, you may want to consider joining the nearly 400 backers on Kickstarter to pre-order it – for $80.

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iKamper Room in Room Indoor Tent

iKamper Room in Room Indoor Tent

Kickstarter via Gear Junkie

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