Lazareth LMV 496 Is A Flying Bike That Is Actually A Regular Motorcycle Too

French bike maker Lazareth is best known for its outrageous motorcycles that somehow always have more than two wheels like a motorcycle should. The last we saw here was the monstrous LM 847, a 4-wheel beast that has a heart of a Maserati. Is that even a bike still? Well, it god damn is, which […]

Lazareth LM 847 Is A 4-Wheel Monster Bike Powered By 470 HP Maserati Engine

If you are still feeling sore about missing out on the four-wheel super bike, Dodge Tomahawk, well, we have good news for you. Now, for about half the price the Dodge Viper-powered Tomahawk, you can acquire the Lazareth LM 847, a bike with similar caliber as the Tomahawk, which means it is a motorcycle with […]

Lazareth Wazuma V8F Matt Edition

honestly, we do not know what to make out of the Lazareth Wazuma V8F Matt Edition. is it a bike? a roadster? or some new-age quad bike. let’s do a little DNA decoding here: for starter it looks like a bike with its bike handle and all, but it has got four wheels – two upfront in a wide stance setup and two tightly spaced rear wheels