Leatherman Rev Multi-tool Puts a Toolbox in Your Hand

We do a lot of silly things in life and that includes digging through our massive toolbox for a screwdriver for a simple screwing job. Worst. That Phillips screwdriver may be buried deep down, weighed down by loads of other tools. One. Simple. Job. Seem like not worth the effort, I mean, digging for a […]

This Rugged-looking Bracelet Actually Breaks Up Into Many Tools

Well, what do you know? Multi-tool is now wearable too and the Leatherman Tread is just one such tool. And when we said ‘wearable’, we mean to say wearing it on your wrist and not hanging on your belt or backpack. So, yeah. The Tread is a rugged-style bracelet (not so much for ladies, I […]

Leatherman Hail + Style PS Snowboard Tool

we don’t want to go to length, trying to explain why getting stuck at the peak with bad binding is a snowboarder’s nightmare, because you should have the tools to get it fix anyway, but do you really want to lug a toolbox up there? no, you don’t. you want this handsome piece of made-for-snowboarders multi-tool…

Leatherman Raptor

when we think about emergency readiness, we hardly give much thought to first aid kit. sure, you probably have the basics such as bandage kit and/or bandaids stocked but we bet you did miss out the tools to carry out the patching up job when the need arises. well, the Leatherman Raptor here, though doesn’t sounds like it, is the multi-tool that will fill that void. it is a multi-tool that…