Lenovo Concept Smartphone Snaps Onto Your Wrist And Tablet That Folds

Smartphone has brought about tons of convenience, but there’s one thing that bothers us: we still have to carry it. It is a physical object that regardless of how you loathe carrying it around, it still needs to be with us. But what if, just what if, it can be worn when you don’t need […]

Lenovo Unveils ‘Small Screen’ Flagship Android Phone, Costs Just $275

These days, when you talked about flagship smartphone, you’d expect a device with super size display. Well, not in the case of Lenovo ZUK Z2 Android phone. Unveiled recently in Beijing, China, not only the ZUK Z2 does not have huge-ass display, it is priced rather attractively at 1,799 RMB, or about $275 based on […]

Lenovo Concept Smartphone Can Beam a Virtual Keyboard on the Desk for You to Type On

A smartphone with built-in projector is probably not what consumers fancy. However, if a smartphone that can turn any flat surface into a touchscreen and/or projects a keyboard for easier texting and emailing, then that might just spark some interest. That’s exactly what Lenovo is proposing with a technology which it calls Smart Cast. Now, […]

Lenovo Announces The First 64-bit Intel Atom-Powered Smartphone With Intel LTE Advanced Modem

Over the years we have accustomed to smartphone sporting Qualcomm or MediaTek chip. Sure, there are a few Intel-powered examples, but they don’t quite make the number to be considered a ‘norm’ among smartphone makers. However, the new 64-bit Intel Atom is Intel’s bet in changing the mood of the market and the first phone […]

Lenovo Introduces VIBE X2 Pro, A Companion Selfie Flash, And An E-ink Wearable At CES 2015

At this year’s CES, Lenovo sure have a lot to show and among them is this piece of accessory called VIBE Xtension Selfie Flash, an external flash designed specifically for the freshly announced VIBE Pro 2 to enhance your, what else? Selfie taking experience in any lighting conditions. This tiny circular device plugs right into […]

Lenovo Unveils Third-Generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon To Mark 100 Millionth ThinkPad

Can you imagine a company have sold 100 million units of a particular line of laptop? Well, we certainly can’t and that’s how many ThinkPad Lenovo has shipped, btw, which obviously calls for a celebration. To mark this occasion the Chinese PC maker is debuting the latest generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon, which is touted as […]

Lenovo Unveils Pico Projector-equipped YOGA Tablet 2 Pro Designed with Aston Kutcher

perhaps we are completely ignorant about the techie side of actor Aston Kutcher’s, and therefore, we were utterly amazed why he was roped in as the product engineer for Lenovo’s YOGA tablet line. anyway, that was a year ago and one year on, the fruits of labor resulting from this collaboration (note we said ‘collaboration’) […]

Lenovo At IFA 2014: 8-inch Intel Atom Tablet, 17-inch Touchscreen Laptop And ERAZER X315 Gaming PC

China’s personal computer giant and the world’s number one PC maker, Lenovo has quite a few things to show at this year’s IFA in Berlin, including a beautiful Intel Atom-powered Android tablet, the firm’s first 17-inch touchscreen gaming laptop and a new ERAZER gaming rig. the new lineup kicks off with the TAB S8 which […]

Lenovo S-series Smartphones

like Apple, Lenovo’s designs never disappoints. so if you are in the market for some serious alternative to the likes of Samsung, LG and HTC, then look forward to the new S-series smartphones from the Chinese computer biggie. announced at the 2014 MWC, the S-series comprises of three handsets, the S860, S850 and S660, that boasts…