Pad & Pencil Sleeve Keeps iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Together in One Sleeve

With the new iPad Pro, Apple has finally sees the need for a stylus, but the Cupertino tech giant ain’t calling such, because Apple Pencil is beyond stylus. Also, Apple didn’t see it as a must-have though, as Pencil is offered as an optional accessory and as such, you will have to find ways and […]

TILT Smartphone Stand: Simple, Elegant and Functional. It’s Almost Like Art.

By now, whenever a smartphone stand appears in the market. We’d go like “yeah, another one” and wouldn’t be bothered to take a second look, but oddly, when saw the TILT Smartphone Stand in our inbox, we did not have that feeling. It feels different. Very different. Yes, it is just a smartphone stand, however, […]