Is Meizu Testing Water For Flagship Price Smartphone With Special Edition $1,400+ Device?

Meizu. The Chinese handset maker has revealed a new affordable flagship 5G device, the Meizu 17 Series in China. The company has previously stuck to its guns for not having notches, no hole punch camera and whatnot, and instead, opt for a super narrow forehead to accommodate the camera.

$250 Meizu Notch-less Smartphone Gets In-display Fingerprint Sensor

On the same day (technically, a day before because of time zones) as Motorola announcement of the Moto Z4, China handset maker Meizu also announced its newest handset. Called Meizu 16Xs, this phone’s features versus price really had our attention. But what really drew me to it was, it has a notch-less design and yet, […]

Meizu Takes To Indiegogo To Sell The World’s First Hole-less Phone

Here’s one major difference between the automobile industry and China’s handset makers: concept cars don’t always see the light of production and even if they do, it takes years to materialize. Concept phones, particularly those emerged from China, almost always become a reality and doing so very quickly. Case-in-point: the Meizu Zero. Unveiled barely a […]

Meizu Unveiled Groundbreaking Button-less And Port-less Smartphone

Looks like Vivo isn’t the only China handset maker that is shaking up the smartphone industry. Meizu is doing so, starting with a very futuristic smartphone called Meizu Zero. If you need a definition of futuristic design, Meizu Zero would be it. Proudly billed as a “hole-less phone,” this device is the first handset to […]

Meizu Pro 7 Has A Small Display On The Back For Selfie With Rear Cameras

Tired of crappy selfies taken by poorly designed front-facing camera on today’s smartphone? Well, fret not, you narcissist bunch cos’ Meizu newest flagship handset, the Pro 7, is here to help and it is doing so by not bumping up the front-facing shooter’s specs; instead it gives you a tiny second screen around the back […]