Snow Crawler Is A Concept Snowmobile That Keeps The Rider Shielded From The Elements

Snowmobile’s design has has remain largely unchanged for ages. Though it may have more powerful and efficient engine and possibly more capable suspension, one thing has remained the same: the rider is still subjected to freezing cold. However, designer Michal Bonikowski begs to differ. His concept snowmobile, dubbed Snow Crawler, makes exploring the white powder-covered […]

will the upcoming iPhone 5 looks like what Michal has envisioned?

these days, i tried to steer clear of rumors but there’s just one rumor that’s hard to resist: iPhone 5. we have seen mock-ups of the iPhone 5 (some say, 4S) from various sources but this concept by designer Michal Bonikowski is simply the best we have seen thus far. from the visuals…