These Inflatable Dino Costumes Are Official Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Merchandises. Believe It

When it comes to movie merchandises, action figures, tees, posters et cetera are the norm, but costumes? Not so much. Official costumes do exist, but they are mostly costumes that make the wearer looks, you know, like the character in the movies who are mostly humans. However, these latest costumes relating to Jurassic World: Fallen […]

Hasbro Unveiled 12-inch Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Figure

Over the weekend, Marvel’s Jesse Falcon made an announcement that should have Marvel/Black Panther fans very excited. Falcon revealed the Marvel Legends 12-inch Black Panther Action Figure at the D23 Expo. Now, the thing is, this action figure is from toy maker Hasbro and so, one should not expect a boat load of details like […]

James Bond 007 Fragrance

this year is a big year for the movie industry and fans (of action genre in particular) alike. it is the year of big budget, star-studded film The Avengers, the concluding movie of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy and most importantly, it is the year of the 23rd Bond film (aka Skyfall) and also the 50th Anniversary of the Bond franchise. yes, it is that old. speaking…