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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg named TIME’s Person of the Year

Mark Zuckerberg 544px
(image credit: James Martin/CNET)

by now we should be all familiar with Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of the popular social network website, Facebook. Mark has recently been named the TIME’s Person of the Year. unlike other media, i thought it was of no surprise. judging from the limelight Mark Zuckerberg has been getting. especially, after the movie The Social Network was released.

i have been a ‘Facebooker’ for more than two years now and frankly, i don’t quite know who Mark Zuckerberg is. at least, i do not have a clear picture of whatever or however Facebook began. i must admit, the movie did gives me some fairly good idea of the story of FaceBook. though it may not be entirely factual, still it was a ‘good introduction’ to the world most popular social network site. Continue reading Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg named TIME’s Person of the Year

PS3-powered supercomputer used by US Air Force

USAF PS3 544px
(image credit: Air Force Research Laboratory)

well, the US Air Force didn’t actually use the Playstation 3 console as a whole, much less to play games. in fact, what the US Air Force did was using more than 1,700 Sony PS3 processors. the supercomputer which also incorporates 168 separate graphical processing units, is capable of crunching 500 trillions calculations per second. that’s like 50, 000 times faster than your average laptop.

by using off-the-shelf components, it reduces the cost of the supercomputer. according to Mark Barnell (director of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s high-power computing division), the system cost somewhere around US$2 million, “which is a cost savings of between 10 to 20 times for the equivalent capability.” at least tax payers know that the Department of Defense is ‘trying not to spend too much’ which should be good for PR, though not everyone will be amused.

the system, dubbed the Condor Cluster will undertake a range of tasks which include synthetic aperture radar enhancement and a bunch of other stuff which, we commoners, would never understand. maybe that’s why we always lament how our money was being spend frivolously for defense.


Formula One race to go green in 2013 with hybrid engines

Formula One to green in 2013 544px
(image credit: Darren Heath)

it may sounds ridiculous to true-blue horsepower-hungry racing fans, but according a report by CNET UK, this is going to happen in 2013. come 2013, Formula One race cars will be powered by smaller, more fuel efficient hybrid engines. currently, Formula One race cars are powered by naturally-aspirated 2.4 liter, V-8 engines which will be replaced by 1.6 liter, four cylinders turbo-charged engine with Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). this will, reportedly, reduce fuel consumption by as much as 50 per cent. Continue reading Formula One race to go green in 2013 with hybrid engines

AMG to cooperate with Ducati: Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG and Ducati

AMG CLS and Ducati 544px

(photo credit: daimler.com)

the cooperation agreement was signed this week between AMG and Ducati. you might thought its a development cooperation but it is fact, a marketing cooperation. both establishment will develop common marketing activities with this agreement. Continue reading AMG to cooperate with Ducati: Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG and Ducati

Spaceport America opens its door for business

First flight of whiteknight2 and spaceship2 to America's first spaceport,  Spaceport America 544px
First flight of whiteknight2 and spaceship2 to America's first spaceport, Spaceport America
(photo source: virgingalactic.com)

the name Spaceport signified that the future is here. well… almost. if you haven’t heard… as oppose to a ‘port in the Space’, Spaceport is actually a hub where future Spacecrafts will gather and take off into the Space. Virgin Galactic has completed the runway to its first commercial spaceport. named “Spaceport America”. located in New Mexico, the 2-mile long runway is built to support any form of spacecraft currently in existence–a short compatibility list. seriously, there aren’t many spacecraft to date. Continue reading Spaceport America opens its door for business

Windows Live Hotmail now offers ‘One Inbox’

Windows Live Hotmail - one Inbox 544px

i have not try this out yet but it certainly sounds like an unified inbox. or close. security issues aside, this is a great idea. we can check multiple email accounts (of different providers) via our email client, but online? Windows Live Hotmail has the answer. you can now check your SingNet, Yahoo! Mail, GMAIL and of course, your Hotmail in one log in. saving you the hassle of logging into separate accounts. i am sure we will asking about security issues, especially when it is Microsoft. how safe is it? will it make life easier for hacker? now that the hacker can access to all your email accounts by just getting into one. hmmm. no? in anyway, i suppose this will be a common practice eventually when cloud-computing becomes a norm. there’s also competition from portable devices such as smartphone and iPad, which already offers unified inbox.

more info @ Windows Live.

NexusOneForum.net announces 2 new sites related to T-Mobile

G2 forums for T-Mobile G2 users 544px

in light of the upcoming launch of the G2 phone, NexusOneForum.net has launch a site entirely dedicated to T-Mobile G2 and there’s a sister site catering to fans of T-Mobile Android phones, if G2 isn’t your cup of tea at this moment. these should make all T-Mobile fans – especially Android lovers – happy 🙂

visit T-Mobile G2 Forums.
vist T-Mobile Android phones site.