Lammily Marks Lets You Add Cellulite, Scars and Even Stretch Marks to Normal Body ‘Barbie’

Do you remember the beautiful, real-life proportions ‘barbie’ called Lammily? I am sure you do. A doll that departs from the norm of the fantasy encapsulated toy world, or more specifically a doll modeled after a real-life 19 y.o. girl-next-door, will most certainly stand out from among the eerily perfectly shaped toy person and will […]

Lammily: Barbie With Normal Body

if we were to do a ‘weirdest things on the Internet’, the Lammily: Barbie With Normal Body will no doubt be on top of our list, but in a good way. all this while, our society has been shaped and psyched to believe a woman has to be ridiculously slim and dressed in expensive clothing to…