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Lammily Marks Lets You Add Cellulite, Scars and Even Stretch Marks to Normal Body ‘Barbie’

Do you remember the beautiful, real-life proportions ‘barbie’ called Lammily? I am sure you do. A doll that departs from the norm of the fantasy encapsulated toy world, or more specifically a doll modeled after a real-life 19 y.o. girl-next-door, will most certainly stand out from among the eerily perfectly shaped toy person and will forever etch deeply in our memory. It will be a while before Lammily ships, but its designer, Nickolay Lamm, already have a handful of practical ‘accessories’ ready to ‘spruce’ up her up, albeit in a more sensible way. Unlike dear Barbie who live life enjoying dreamhouse camper, glam pool, and dazzling collection of wardrobe, Lammily will be treated to more down-to-earth apparels and now, it will have stickers too. Continue reading Lammily Marks Lets You Add Cellulite, Scars and Even Stretch Marks to Normal Body ‘Barbie’

Lammily: Barbie With Normal Body

if we were to do a ‘weirdest things on the Internet’, the Lammily: Barbie With Normal Body will no doubt be on top of our list, but in a good way. all this while, our society has been shaped and psyched to believe a woman has to be ridiculously slim and dressed in expensive clothing to be beautiful – thanks in part to the misconception stemmed from the myriad of advertisements, entertainment and even toys that we are constantly being exposed to. while nothing can be done about the former two media, one man by the name of Nickolay Lamm decided to challenge the status quo of the latter, by showing the world how a Barbie doll would look like if she had the CDC measurements of an average 19 year-old girl in America and so he did, and his 3D-printed average Barbie immediately went viral in July, last year. Continue reading Lammily: Barbie With Normal Body