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Do you remember the beautiful, real-life proportions ‘barbie’ called Lammily? I am sure you do. A doll that departs from the norm of the fantasy encapsulated toy world, or more specifically a doll modeled after a real-life 19 y.o. girl-next-door, will most certainly stand out from among the eerily perfectly shaped toy person and will forever etch deeply in our memory. It will be a while before Lammily ships, but its designer, Nickolay Lamm, already have a handful of practical ‘accessories’ ready to ‘spruce’ up her up, albeit in a more sensible way. Unlike dear Barbie who live life enjoying dreamhouse camper, glam pool, and dazzling collection of wardrobe, Lammily will be treated to more down-to-earth apparels and now, it will have stickers too.

Lammily Marks - Lifestyle

Since Lammily is a representation of a completely unadulterated being who is susceptible to mortal imperfection like scars, cellulite, stretch marks and more, the stickers will attempt to replicate those inevitable marks. All told, this sticker extension pack, aptly called Lammily Marks, contains 38 reusable stickers including a bunch of other familiar markings that can be found on regular folks, including freckles, acne, bandages, moles, scrapes or scratches, bruises, stitches, mosquito bites, grass and dirt stains, and even temporary tattoos. You can pick up Lammily Marks and the Lammily, if you haven’t do so, from Lammily website for $6 and $25, respectively.

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Lammily Marks - Freckles

Lammily Marks - Stretch Marks

Lammily Marks - Tattoos

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