This Walnut Charging Pad Is Possibly The Classiest Charging Pad Ever

Gadgets or gadget accessories with wood thrown into the mix never fail to get us. The Nomad Wireless Charging Base Station is one such gadget. It wouldn’t have drawn out attention as much if it weren’t for the classy combo of walnut and padded leather. Wireless charger is a dime a dozen, but to find […]

NomadPlus Portable Battery Charger Integrates With Standard iPhone USB Plug To Get The Juice It Needs

most of us have learn to cope with short smartphone battery and by ‘cope’ we mean having at least one portable battery charger. however, we see another problem with portable batteries: forgetting to charge them. admit it. this has probably struck you at least once. heading out, phone goes low batt, whip out portable battery […]