Nyko Data Bank Lets You Add Terabytes of Storage to Your Playstation 4 in a Sleek, Seamless Way

With the increasing details in video games, the demand for digital storage grows exponentially and the next-gen console copes by offering a pretty tantalizing 500GB of storage, but even then, that won’t be enough if you play tons of games and buy digital copies off Playstation store. Even if there is a larger capacity PS4 […]

Nyko PowerPak Offers Additional 1,000 mAh Battery For Your PS4 DualShock 4 Controller

DualShock 4 is no doubt a leap forward in game controller design and functionality for Playstation. this little wonder packs a light bar, a capacitive touch pad, built-in speaker, and of course, the obligatory haptic feedback serves up via vibration, but its resident 1,000 mAh rechargeable battery can hardly deal with demanding (read: marathon) gamers’ […]