OAXIS InkCase i7 Plus: Protect Your iPhone 7 Plus And Get A Second Screen

However advanced the latest iPhone is, battery life is still a huge concern. That’s probably because this wonderful device has so many uses that we can’t help but pull it out and do something, every minute of our waking hours. Not exactly a good habit I did say, especially taxing for the battery and also […]

Oaxis Bento Induction Speaker Reproduces Audio Wirelessly without Bluetooth or WiFi

So how does a speaker works wirelessly without Bluetooth or built-in WiFi? Well, the magic behind Oaxis Bento Induction Speaker is electromagnetic induction (yes. they are the same folks who brought you the e-ink smartphone cover), where all you need to do is to place your music-playing smartphone on the induction pad and Bento will […]

InkCase Plus Adds A Second E-Ink Display To Your Android Phone To Conserve Battery

battery life is almost always the top concern when it comes to gadget, especially smartphone. according to study, an average person check his or her phone around 110 times a day (that’s a hell lot checking of phone if you ask me). couple that with the fact that the display consumes up to 50 percent […]

OAXIS InkCase E-ink Case For Smartphone

while YotaPhone offers a second screen suitable for contents like ebook, maps and more, you don’t need to resign yourself to a device which you probably can’t get outside of Russia and Europe if you wished for such functionality; all you need is the OAXIS InkCase.