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Pioneer $100 Lightning Speaker Will Made Conference Speaker Obsolete

Gone are the days where you need clunky equipment to set up a proper conference room that could potentially that cost tens of thousands of dollars. With the advancement in projection technology, a palm-size projector like The Cube or UO Smart Beam Laser Projector, along with a smartphone, could be the answer to your need for visual presentations and today, Pioneer and Onkyo U.S.A. Corporation announced yet another revolution in boardroom conferencing: a smart, pocket-size Lightning-powered conference speaker called Rayz Rally. Continue reading Pioneer $100 Lightning Speaker Will Made Conference Speaker Obsolete

AOC 24-inch IPS LED Display Packs Two 7W Onkyo Speakers At Its Base

if you haven’t gotten around into All-In-One PC, then the odds you are enduring through a desktop clutter of monitor, speakers, card readers, USB extension and stuff. the truth is, nothing much can be done if you choose the non-AIO route, but with the AOC 24-inch Onkyo Speaker Base IPS LED Monitor (model i2473PWM), you can save yourself one less clutter since, as the product name implies, it has a base packing a pair of 7W Onkyo speakers, thereby negating the need for external speakers for those who seeks higher quality audio. so no desktop speakers, means not taking up precious desktop real estate which in turns translate to one less clutter. at the back of this ‘sound base’ is a couple of connectivity, comprising of a VGA and a HDMI input, allowing the AOC 24-inch IPS LED display to connect to a host of other devices including gaming consoles and standalone DVD/Blu-ray players. Continue reading AOC 24-inch IPS LED Display Packs Two 7W Onkyo Speakers At Its Base

Onkyo ES-HF300 Headphones

for more than six decades, Onkyo has been serving up pretty amazing audio equipment and home theater systems and if we didn’t read about it, we might have never notice that despite its rich and long history with sound, it has never had a pair of headphones to its name. it is odd indeed, but well, it is odd no more as the Onkyo ES-HF300 Headphones will be their first offering in the personal audio segment. and since it is from a veteran consumer electronic maker, we are expecting nothing less though building a pair of audio cans might not be the same as building speaker systems. we will keep that in mind. Continue reading Onkyo ES-HF300 Headphones

Onkyo announced new network-capable AV receiver

Onkyo TX-NR809 544x298px
(credit: Onkyo) Onkyo TX-NR809 THX Select2 Plus Certified | US$1,099.00 | www.onkyo.com

Onkyo has just announced its latest integrated AV receiver, the TX-NR809 THX Select2 Plus Certified, a 7.2 channel home theater AV receiver that’s network capable. Onkyo said this latest addition includes “several significant new audio and video upgrades” from last year’s TX-NR808 model.

the TX-NR809 now sports both Mavell Qdeo and IDT’s HDV Vida video upscaling and processing circuits and for the first time, the Imaging Science Foundation’s ISF Video Calibration technology is included for this price point. Continue reading Onkyo announced new network-capable AV receiver

Onkyo announced Windows 7 tablets for business use

Onkyo Windows 7 Tablets for Business 544x368px
(credit: Onkyo) Onkyo Windows Tablet | from ¥tbc | www.jp.onkyo.com

maybe the Snoopy edition didn’t go very far for Onkyo or perhaps, Onkyo found that many white-collar workers are snapping up their Snoopy edition Windows 7 Tablets. either way, Onkyo announced that it will introduce a more business orientated version of its Windows 7 tablets in Japan some time in May. two versions will be made available. Continue reading Onkyo announced Windows 7 tablets for business use

Japan to get Snoopy-themed Onkyo Windows-based Tablet

Onkyo Snoopy Tablet - Front 544px
(image credit: Onkyo Japan) Onkyo Snoopy-themed Tablet | ¥79,800 | www.jp.onkyo.com

Onkyo seeks to give its Onkyo tablet a boost with the Japan-only Snoopy-themed tablet. Snoopy or Peanuts fan can expect a Snoopy drawing (with his best friend, Woodstock) on the back of the tablet, a Snoopy stylus and a special “Peanuts” (the comic, not the nut…) case. also included with tablet are special screensavers, icons, wallpapers and a Snoopy calendar.

spotting a 10.1 inch LCD with 1024 x 600px resolution and running on Atom N450 1.66GHz processor, the tablet will have 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a 160GB hard drive, two USB ports, SD/SDHC/MMC card reader and a built-in webcam. connectivity includes wireless 802.11b/g/n and bluetooth 2.1+EDR.

on the software front, it will be powered by Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit. the Snoopy Onkyo Windows Tablet is open for pre-order now with an expected shipment in March 2011. do note that this is a limited edition Japan-only tablet, so Snoopy fans outside of Japan has to seek other means of acquiring it.

then again, being a Japan-only product, the language used will be in Japanese. that includes the documentations and the Operating System. unless you are able to read Japanese language, you can probably give it a pass.

Onkyo Snoopy Tablet - Back 544px
(image credit: Onkyo Japan)

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