Onkyo announced Windows 7 tablets for business use

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(credit: Onkyo) Onkyo Windows Tablet | from ¥tbc | www.jp.onkyo.com

maybe the Snoopy edition didn’t go very far for Onkyo or perhaps, Onkyo found that many white-collar workers are snapping up their Snoopy edition Windows 7 Tablets. either way, Onkyo announced that it will introduce a more business orientated version of its Windows 7 tablets in Japan some time in May. two versions will be made available.
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the first being the 11.6-inch version, will sport a 1366 x 728 resolution display (model TW317A7PH) and 32 GB Solid State Drive (SSD). the second model is a 10.1-inch tablet (model TW117A7PH) that has a 1024 x 600 screen resolution and a 160 GB HDD for storage. both models will be powered by Intel ATOM N450 CPU with a clock speed of 1.66 GHz and will have 2 GB of RAM. other features include WiFi, Bluetooth and of course, Windows 7 Professional edition as the operating system.

the Snoopy edition Windows 7-based tablet already caught me with surprise and now a business-orientated Windows 7 tablet? i am baffled. the current market sentiments are geared towards either Android-based tablets or Apple’s iPad. so why Windows? Microsoft has put in quite an effort to rebrand the Windows 7 phone, perhaps, tablets will be the next in line but until then, Windows-based tablets are relatively scarce to carry any market opportunities. the question is, would you buy a Windows 7 tablet for you business?

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via Akihabara News

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