slap on a Flicbac to get a grip of your digital camera

Flicbac Camera Grips 544x488px
(credit: Flipbac) Flipbac Camera Grips | from US$9.99 |

for lazy shutterbugs, point and shoot digital cameras are the way to go. point and shoot cameras has evolve significantly but one thing never really change: there is a lack of proper grip that enables one hand shooting. why do we need to use one hand to shoot, is something we find it hard to explain. in anyway, Flipback Innovations has a simple solution: slap on the Flicback camera grips at the front and instantly add a much needed relief for a better grip. made out of silicone, it sticks to the front of the camera via a special 3M adhesive that allows for removal without leaving any residual. the Flicbac Camera Grips are available in three unique shapes for just $9.99 a pop.
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Flicbac Camera Grips 544x311px

Flicbac Camera Grips 544x338px

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